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Create the life you always wanted (but didn’t know how to get.)

We know healing and recovery can be difficult. You are not alone, though. Reach out as soon as you are ready.

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You’ve never heard a Podcast like this before!

Love Addiction Recovery Over 40 is packed with conversations we should have started having a long time ago! We will talk all things recovery, PLUS unique experiences and needs of women over 40.

Break free from the shame and pain.

If you are feeling hopeless and have tried everything (or think you have)…

Let me show you how you can fall in love with your husband all over again, recover from your own emotional affair and break free from love addiction patterns.

I’ve been there.

These are skills and tools I have used myself. I know what you’re going through, I know your pain, and I know why you don’t want to talk about it.

I share my own story of trauma and recovery to show you there is a (healthy) way through it all.

I have rebuilt my marriage into something magical and have wonderful relationships with my adult children.  

I have yet to work with a client who has lost the relationship she works hard to save.

I kind of know what I’m talking about.

Community of Healing

Can you imagine a shame-free community of women who are serious about recovery that you can draw wisdom, strength and encouragement from? It exists!  

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24 Week One-on-One Recovery Intensive

For women who are serious about saving her relationships and creating the life she always wanted.


Online Courses & Classes

Learn more about our courses and classes for women in recovery and support for male partners.

A Few Love Notes…

  • Your husband doesn’t have to be onboard.

  • You need more than “12 Steps” (it’s just not enough!)

  • This will cost way less than divorce, and I know you want to be sure you’ve done everything you can.

  • Hard truth: it’s going to be work, and I’m here with you every step the way.


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